CIF Launches eLearning Programme

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has launched a new independent eLearning programme for IT professionals based on its recommended Cloud Adoption Roadmap.

The first phase of this new online resource is now available. These cloud skills courses are a major new component in the CIF professional membership offering. The courses and membership as a whole enables IT, procurement and business professionals to access a huge pool of cloud research, guides and courses and helps them validate their knowledge though training and certification.

Alex Hilton CEO, CIF, stated: “Every business is different and as a result the journey to the cloud is unique in every case. However, a common framework is relevant to almost all cloud adoption projects. As a result, CIF has created a cloud adoption guide to help customers through their journey and provide guidance and skills for those embarking on cloud adoption projects. Given that online learning courses are regarded as one of the most popular and engaging methods of training and learning, we have commissioned a wholly independent development series of eLearning modules that focus on the complete cloud adoption journey.”

The eLearning programme comprises of five major stages and 21 unique modules all of which aid and educate individuals on cloud realities and help identify how to de-risk and accelerate the Cloud Adoption Journey. It has been created to provide guidance and resources relevant to each stage and ultimately helps distil this complex type of undertaking into a manageable project framework.

“In conjunction with our research partners and a range of industry experts, the Roadmap was developed to help our members validate their understanding of how their organisational goals can be met through Cloud technologies and create a strategy and adoption plan that helps to achieve those objectives,” added Alex.

The five Major Modules comprise:
1. Cloud Research and Strategy
2. Cloud Assessment and Planning
3. Cloud Adoption and Migration
4. Cloud Service Management
5. Cloud Evolution

Alex Hilton concluded: “Following many customer conversations about the need for vendor independent Cloud skills we decided to develop a low cost membership programme for end users . The Professional Membership has been extremely well received, the eLearning programme is aimed at those who work in IT operations, management and executives, as well as line of business personnel such as legal and procurement and members of the Board.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine