Cisco Introduces Smart Care Service for SMB and Midmarket Customers

More news from the Cisco Partner Summit in Las Vegas as Cisco introduced Smart Care Service, designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and midmarket customers to simplify network maintenance through regular, proactive network assessments, remote software repairs and technical support.

Based upon a collaborative approach to delivering services, Cisco Smart Care Service combines the strengths of Cisco and its channel partners to proactively verify that a customer’s network is secure, reliable and functioning optimally at all times. This global collaborative service is delivered exclusively through Cisco certified channel partners via a single maintenance customer service contract.

“As the network becomes the platform for business success in companies of all sizes, the service and support needs of SMB and midmarket customers are becoming more sophisticated. As a result, the demands placed on technology partners have increased and have been a key driver for us in developing a collaborative approach for delivering services,” said Karl Meulema, vice president, marketing and channels for Cisco services.

“Cisco Smart Care Service enables channel partners to utilize Cisco networking expertise, methodologies, technical tools and service infrastructure to create their own unique set of personalized services specific to a customer’s growing needs.”

Cisco Smart Care Service includes a software client or a hardware-based network appliance that is deployed at the customer site, after the service is purchased, to collect predetermined data. This data is securely provided back to the channel partner through a Cisco-hosted server, on a scheduled basis, to report on the health and security of the network.

Channel partners can then receive proactive notifications about any identified risks or issues and in many cases can also obtain a suggested fix specific to the issue, as well as the ability to remotely apply that fix to a device in the customer network. The customer is given access to a snapshot of the overall health, availability and security of all of the devices in its network through an easy-to-use Service Dashboard. The client or appliance also serves as a platform for providing a broad range of proactive assessment and repair services and can cover from five up to a maximum of 105 Cisco devices.

“We expect Cisco Smart Care Service to really differentiate our business by giving us the tools to complement traditional network support with proactive maintenance and technology planning services,” said Tom Jacoby, president, IOSecure. “We are already seeing a difference in customer loyalty and interest because we have ongoing opportunities to offer additional value to our customers through now affordable services like remote monitoring, diagnostics and remediation. With Cisco Smart Care Service, we will be able to offer our customers just the right type of service to meet the needs and level of complexity of their business.”

The Cisco Smart Care Service is the newest member in a family of Cisco services for SMB to midmarket customers, delivered as part of the Cisco Smart Business Roadmap. The Cisco Smart Business Roadmap is a structured, prioritized evolutionary path for growing companies that combines customized technology solutions, world-class service and flexible financing options to keep pace with change and make more informed technology decisions.

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