City Un-prepared for Mobile FSA Regulation

Research announced today by Tru, and Obsidian Wireless, the UK provider of mobile compliance recording, shows an industry that has yet to find the best way to respond to the FSA’s new mobile voice, text and data recording regulations.

As of July 28th, just 9% of companies have a compliant solution in place, with 70% as yet undecided on how to comply.

Respondents were also asked to rank a list of features of a complaint solution in order of importance to them, three key features emerge:

1. Minimal call connection delay

2. Simple implementation with current hardware

3. Works across all handsets

Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Tru, said: “The research shows that the marketplace really needs a solution which is seamless to use, is rapid to deploy and which works across all GSM handsets. This new offering from Tru and Obsidian Wireless enables more customers from the financial sector to feel the enormous cost-saving benefits of Tru’s flexible, global network – while solving the headache of FSA compliance with the industry’s most trusted mobile compliance provider – Obsidian Wireless.”

Paul Leisching, CEO of Obsidian Wireless, said: “The industry is understandably approaching the mobile compliance conundrum carefully – it’s a tough decision that will affect the day to day operations of their most highly prized talent. We believe the deployment of an app-less solution offers the best user experience, least interruption, and fastest deployment time. ”

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