Claranet Bolster IT Services with Acquisitions

Claranet has acquired Techgate a business continuity and disaster recovery specialist, and LinuxIT, an expert in Linux-based technologies, for undisclosed sums. The UK-based companies, which are being incorporated into the UK operations of the Claranet Group, complement Claranet’s existing portfolio and will add to its capability to deliver IT services.

The management and employee structures of both companies are being maintained and the companies will continue to trade under their respective brand names. In joining the Claranet Group, Techgate and LinuxIT bring with them experience and expertise, which will enhance Claranet’s ability to do amazing things for its customers and facilitate further innovation of its services.

The acquisitions broaden Claranet’s existing service portfolio, and sees the Claranet Group grow to over 850 employees, with over 5,000 customers and operations in six European markets. The newly enlarged Group will have annual revenues of £150 million.

Charles Nasser, CEO and founder of the Claranet Group, commented: “Techgate and LinuxIT are leaders in their respective fields, and make an exciting fit for the Claranet Group as we look to continue to evolve our portfolio and offer a comprehensive end-to-end application-led service. These acquisitions present a good opportunity for our customers, and those of Techgate and LinuxIT, to take advantage of our expanded suite of services, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by a provider on a strong financial footing.

“It is our ambition to continue to grow in our existing six markets organically and by acquisition, and in acquiring Techgate and LinuxIT we have taken another step forward in terms of our growth and capabilities, expanding our reach into new territories in the IT services sector,” he continued.

The acquisitions have been funded through debt and supported by Claranet’s partnerships with The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Ares Capital Europe, Goldman Sachs and Abry Partners.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine