Clash-Media launches digital marketing solution for Telecoms organisations

Clash-Media, an Online Lead Generation organisation, has launched a new digital marketing solution developed specifically for the unique marketing needs of telecoms organisations and mobile phone operators. For the first time, Clash-Media’s bespoke Online Lead Generation (OLG) campaigns will generate up to 100,000 new ‘hot leads’ for these companies each month. All leads will be from consumers who are genuinely interested in receiving a free sim card – dramatically increasing sales conversion rates.

Clash-Media’s new digital marketing offering comes after successful pilot campaigns with leading mobile phone operators Orange, 02 and T-Mobile. The campaigns ran for just over a month and generated over 150,000 unique leads for the organisations. Online Lead Generation is one of the newest and fastest growing forms of web-based digital marketing, with the market expected to double in size over the next two years. Its controlled and rapid lead generation tecniques are making this a popular addition to many companies’ marketing mix.

“Many telecoms companies and mobile phone operators have been using a variety of marketing strategies to assist them with their sim card distributions,” commented Simon Wacjenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “Some were finding that techniques such as affiliate marketing were not giving them the volume of relevent leads they required, or the level of control and flexibiltiy needed so they approached Clash-Media about adding Online Lead Generation to their marketing mix.

“Organisations find that the speed and flexibility of Online Lead Generation results in a far more cost-effective and controlled digital marketing campaign. Companies are able to specify exacly how many and what kinds of leads they require, for example they may need 20,000 leads that are men between the ages of 20 and 40 living in London. It is this level of targeting that will mean the difference between a hot and cold lead. OLG is also a viable solution for smaller telecoms organisations because they are able to set the amount of leads they require according to their individual budgets.”

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