Clegg is the solution for Connect-IP

South Yorkshire IT company Connect-IP has appointed John Clegg as their new solutions manager.

Clegg, 53, from Halifax, has been brought in to expand Connect-IP’s business operations, in both the public and private sector, targeting organisations looking to improve physical security and surveillance from an IT perspective.

A key target for Connect-IP is picking up new projects within the Government’s Building Schools for the Future initiative, which will see one hundred and eighty schools across England benefit from £2billion of investment.

Clegg said: “The transformation will see schools developed around a new 21st century model with high quality facilities and integrated information technology. This will include improved access control and surveillance to help safeguard the school and their pupils.

“This therefore presents a great opportunity for Connect-IP and we are already talking to schools about the support we can provide.”

John has a vast amount of experience in the IP surveillance and high-speed wireless communications and in the last few years has been working on a sub-contracted individual basis for a number of companies.”

Connect-IP is based at the Vector 31 Network Centre in Wales Bar, between Rotherham and Sheffield.

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