Clever IP – a brand new IP Voice and Data Business

Clever IP, a Cheshire based communications company specialising in the provision of voice and data solutions for business and reseller customers, has announced the formal launch of their new business.

Heading up the business is Chester resident, Mark Saunders, who, along with his wife Colette, who will act as Operations Director, intends to offer a new dimension to the provision and service of voice and data products for local business customers, both large and small.

Saunders was previously with Gamma Telecom where, he managed the successful development of their telecoms reseller channel, having previously held similar roles with Telia Sonera in London and Your Communications in Manchester. As a senior executive at Gamma Telecom from the outset of that business, Saunders was responsible for the successful transfer of the resale base from Telia Sonera, when the latter decided to exit the UK market in 2002. Under Saunders’ management, the resale business at Gamma doubled in size and their service surround came to be regarded as the benchmark against which other carriers were measured.

Commenting on the new venture Saunders claimed, “Clever IP is committed to doing business with a passion for service delivery – initial customers are already noticing the difference and recognise that they can trust us to do what we say, when we say it and to the high standards that we both demand.” Clever IP is committed to working with a range of highly trusted suppliers, all of whom are personally known to the directors and tick the box marked “platinum level service credentials.” Saunders believes that the amount of time and money which customers waste with inappropriate vendors can easily be save by employing an expert intermediary and of course Clever IP is ideally placed to fill this need.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in VoIP, IP Telephony and the use of broadband to carry voice traffic, not just to provide internet access. Clever IP specialises in IP Telephony solutions for business customers, especially those with more than one site. Clever IP also has considerable expertise in designing converged voice and data solutions, which can offer attractive cost savings and a range of next generation features for business users.

Speaking at a recent business users forum, Saunders stated, “managers and executives may well be aware of VoIP from using solutions such as Skype or Vonage at home, but very few unlock the potential of this technology to improve productivity and margins in their own business.” Warming to his theme Saunders continued, “the worlds of voice, mobile and data communications are converging at a pace which opens up real opportunities for organisations to provide customers and employees with the benefits that a next generation communication solution can provide, without the need for large capital investment.” Saunders went on to sound a note of caution by stating, “the market remains immature and uneducated to a large degree and a poor choice of vendor can undermine the potential user benefits, so make use of the experience which Clever IP can provide. We will maximise the opportunity and help business customers avoid the pitfalls.”

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