Cloud Distribution Launches Cloud Capital

Cloud Distribution has launched Cloud Capital, a new scheme which offers financial leasing options to its partners and their customers.

In partnership with BNP Paribas Cloud Capital provides a convenient and easy source of finance for Cloud Distribution’s partners and their customers. Unlike other finance solutions, the cost of hardware, maintenance, subscription and managed services can all be included in Cloud Capital’s leasing service.

The ability to offer a financing solution means that Cloud Distribution’s partners can differentiate themselves from the competition by offering not only the technology solution but the finance too. Other benefits include bigger deal sizes (research shows that deals are 32% bigger when secured using finance) and faster payment (typically payment is made in full to the partner via BNP Paribas within one week of the paperwork being completed).

Another key advantage of Cloud Capital is that it enables partners to take advantage of the growing adoption of cloud-based technologies and extend their business to include a managed services offering. The leasing option enables the partner to offer the service, but with no upfront cost to them.

Adam Davison, director at Cloud Distribution, said: “With the UK economy beginning to shows signs of recovery, businesses are more ready to invest in their IT. However, access to funds is still an issue for many. Cloud Capital enables businesses to create budget via the Operational Expenditure route, rather than relying on capital which for many is a scarce resource.”

Jason Simmons, director at VAR Red Rooster IT, Cloud Distribution’s first partner to close a deal financed through Cloud Capital, said: “The launch of Cloud Capital came at a particularly good time as it enabled a customer to purchase the IT solution that perfectly met its needs – as opposed to a solution that was determined purely by the availability of capital.”

Cloud Distribution’s Adam Davison concluded: “We’re very confident that Cloud Capital is going to have a very positive impact on our partners’ businesses going forward. Already we have a solid number of opportunities in the pipeline as a direct result of the new leasing service – and the early feedback from our partners has been extremely positive.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine