Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) announces new certification to Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice

Databarracks is latest Cloud Service Supplier to achieve accreditation

Databarracks has been a managed Cloud Service Provider for almost a decade, implementing disaster environments for companies of all sizes at a global level.

Commenting on the Certification, Peter Groucutt, Managing Director at Databarracks, says: “Being certified to the Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice is further indication that Databarracks is committed to delivering the highest standards of service.

“As members of the Cloud Industry Forum it is doubly important for us to meet the requirements set by the organisation. The Certification is recognition that as a responsible Cloud Service Provider offering robust cloud solutions we satisfy the Code’s stipulations for accountability, security and transparency.”

The Cloud Industry Forum established the Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice to promote trust, security and transparency within the sector. Managed by CIF’s independent certification partner, APM Group, the Certification process allows vendors to demonstrate to end users appropriate transparency about their business and services, commitment to operational capabilities and practices, and executive accountability for the declarations made to achieve Certification.

This in turn, offers security and assurance to the end user to make an informed and confident decision on the vendor’s capabilities.

Andy Burton, Chairman CIF says: ”CIF recognised and has been campaigning for some time for the introduction of industry-wide standardised definitions of cloud services to provide end users with much needed clarity and to drive cloud adoption. Therefore CIF established the only certifiable Code of Practice for Cloud Service Providers which enables them to stand out from the crowd in a way that provides a degree of assurance and enables rational comparison between vendors.

“We are delighted that Databarracks, not only as a member, but as an established Cloud Service Provider, has attained certification and joined the ranks by leading by example.”

Groucutt adds: “CIF’s Cloud Service Provider Code of Practice requires Databarracks to be transparent to customers and prospective customers about certain aspects of our services. We have adopted these elements and clarified them as part of our business offering going forward. Specific company information is also now available on our website alongside the CIF certified logo as a mark of our commitment to quality, rigour and transparency.”

Richard Pharro, CEP at APMG Group, concludes: ”An essential part of the value of CSP Code of Practice is the process. Becoming self-certified to the Code of Practice is rigorous and requires time and effort. That said, we aim to make the process as clear and transparent as possible and provide guidance and care to applicants where needed, during and after.”

The CIF Certified logo will be visible on certified company’s websites and hyperlinked to a set of public declarations that set out basic information that any potential customer may wish to know.

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