Cloud Industry Forum raises concern over 3G “notspots”

BBC News has announced the findings of their 3G mobile data network crowd-sourcing survey, which surveyed 44,600 in the UK and reveals Britain’s best and worst areas for 3G coverage, with a surprising number of “notspots” appearing in major towns and cities.

With the uptake of cloud computing continuing to soar, and this being further fuelled by the phenomenal growth of multimedia mobile devices, Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum is astonished that network operators are not doing more to ensure 3G coverage in populated areas on the outskirts of the major cities: “The results of this survey suggests that there is still much work to be done in ensuring everyone who requires access to a 3G network via their mobile device can, regardless of where they are.”

“A whole stretch of the A3 has little or no coverage and there are substantial blackspots when people are travelling,” said Juniper Research’s Windsor Holden.

“Mobile’s key advantage is that you should be able to use it anytime and anywhere and that is not the case at the moment. There is no reason why coverage could not be improved in these areas,” he added.

Those involved in the test were only able to receive a 3G signal 75% of the time, meaning that for nearly a quarter of the time they had to rely on older 2G technology which is typically around ten times slower than 3G “mobile broadband”.

“It is staggering that in this day in age, people still have to rely on 2G networks. There has been significant advancements in technology over the last few years and relying on using 2G due to poor network connections means that the user not only loses the quality that many applications and tools now possess, but in many instances people will not be able to access the information or tools they need to at all,” Andy continued.

“Demand for efficient 3G, and the increasing anticipation around the launch of 4G networks, will only increase pressure on major service providers to make their transition to the cloud. In these competitive times, network operators have a real opportunity to reduce the “notspot” areas or deal with users moving to more reliable network operators in their area. We hope that the survey findings encourage development in providing efficient and secure 3G (and future 4G) networks across the UK,” Burton concluded.

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