Cloud is key in flood damage safeguards Expert believes cloud computing is the key to fighting data

As many UK businesses pick up the pieces following significant flood damage, equating to £500m damage over July, with the potential for more to come, First Hosted is warning that businesses are at risk of losing valuable data if they do not have good data storage contingencies.

The cloud consultant and provider warns that the amount of data created and held by companies is consistently increasing and many do not have sufficient data back-up protocols to protect or store back-up data in the event of a major incident. The cost to business of data loss can be catastrophic, as it is one of the most valuable assets a business owns.

Andrew Peddie, managing director at First Hosted believes the perfect solution to safeguarding precious data is the cloud. He explains, says, “The cloud provides the perfect solution for safeguarding data as businesses no longer have to worry about the fallibilities of the office server, such as water damage, power outage, viruses and technical support, as their data and business applications are hosted off site on the cloud provider’s server.

“Despite the proliferation of cloud usage, there are still those that have unfounded concerns about the security of their data in the cloud, especially those providers with US servers, as they felt they were somehow more vulnerable to malicious attack.

“I am pleased to say that as businesses have become more aware of the high levels of encryption of security audits these concerns are diminishing, and users and realising the myriad of benefits the cloud has to offer like the flexibility to tamp up and down usage, and easy accessibility of real-time business intelligence from multiple locations.”

First Hosted Ltd is a NetSuite and NetSuite CRM provider and consultancy which offers operational and software systems advice, consultancy, implementation, training and support to organisations to support and improve performance and growth.

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