Cloud provider detaches business from attachments

On Direct launches Cloud Direct : ABC, a business tool that enables companies to access files at any time and on any device including smart phones, tablets, PC’s and laptops. The solution eliminates the hassle of email attachments by simplifying the way that companies share information amongst teams whilst ensuring documents are secure and available to only the right people.

Will Rowley, Technical Engineer at On Direct explains: “Whether you are a consultant working alone but needing to share sensitive information with a number of clients, or a local government organisation seeking to collaborate with hundreds of external agencies managing the exchange of information can be problematic.

Email attachments that are too big, files that get lost, documents that are misfiled, or multiple instances of the same file are some of the hazards that Cloud Direct : ABC has been designed to address. Tools like Dropbox, have primarily been adopted by consumers for file syncing and storage and have established a market for this technology, but with recent highly public security breaches many businesses are not comfortable with the levels of security that these consumer grade tools offer. With Cloud Direct : ABC we’re offering businesses of all sizes, an enterprise-class, easy to manage solution which is affordable and flexible, and makes collaborating as part of a team both easy and secure”

Cloud Direct : ABC highlights:

Anytime, anywhere data access

Share files easily

Continuous automatic back up

User friendly administration

Real time file synchronisation

On Direct customer CESolutions uses Cloud Direct and its director Carl Edwards said: “Before using Cloud Direct : ABC we had quite an old fashioned set up where we were accessing all the company files on one PC located in our office. If I was out of the office it would be inconvenient to check files on the “server” remotely. The biggest attraction with Cloud Direct for us is the security, synchronisation and collaboration features. Now, if more than one of us is working on a file, from different locations, we all have the latest version of the document available, complete with comments from the last person who edited it. Cloud Direct has completely changed our company’s infrastructure for storing and sharing important data.”

Steve Barber, Managing Director at Randall Barber Transport Ltd said: “With Cloud Direct, if I’m visiting a customer I can connect via a smart phone and pre-approve quotations in word or excel before the office sends them to the customer so they arrive at the same time as I do, which makes my operation look quite slick. If I need to work from home it’s very easy to connect, download and work on my documents as though I was at my computer in the office. Additionally, last month we had a power cut which created problems with one of the computer’s hard drives, but I was able to switch straight onto another PC and continue using my files on Cloud Direct which were complete and updated.”

Jeffrey Hyman is Chairman and Co-Founder of FDIN Ltd., another of On Direct’s customers, he explains: “‘Cloud Direct is a very solid-feeling service. The way the files show up on my PC is very simple, and the fact they synchronise immediately with the cloud and my Laptop is really good. But the main thing is that the support line is unbeatable. It’s staffed by people who speak exactly the same language as me, and they can’t do enough to help. They really call back and follow through with everything, in most cases beyond the call of duty. I’m about average technically, and they take their time and explain things several times.”

Founder and Director of Information Mechanics, Chris Lee Kim also shared his experience of using Cloud Direct: “Cloud Direct’s service has allowed me to share information on multiple devices so that wherever I am, I always have access to my data through their resource. More importantly, there’s no more duplicates on USB keys or backing up multiple computers on external hard drives, as Cloud Direct’s software does it all for me. This saves me so much time. The ease and availability of Cloud Direct means so far, I’ve had a really reliable experience.”

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