CMA and BCS Plan to Join Forces

The CMA (Communications Management Association) is consulting with its membership about joining forces with BCS (The British Computer Society). The purpose is to strengthen both organisations in the face of the ever increasing pace of convergence of IT and telecoms. The move will enable the BCS to have a stronger offering in the field of communications and for CMA to have access to new resources and a wider community of IT professionals.

Both organisations recognise that the ICT professional requires detailed knowledge of both IT and communications in order to meet the challenges of the future. They also believe that this proposed relationship will better enable UK corporate enterprises to use ICT as a central element of their business development.

The CMA membership will vote at its July AGM on a proposal to become a subsidiary of BCS whilst remaining an independent company with this own brand and membership. It would also continue its charitable status and retain its independent regulatory consultation role. It would continue its operations at the current Leatherhead headquarters under the leadership of Glenn Powell, Chief Executive. Strategic direction will continue to be led by a new Strategic Board on the same lines as the existing Board of Trustees.

At the same time BCS would create a new Communications Forum that would be operated by CMA. BCS members would become CMA affiliate members. Similarly CMA members would become BCS affiliate members.

Chief Executive Glenn Powell said: “CMA has flourished over the years because it has been prepared to change and react positively to the evolving needs of its members and the wider community. Not only have we survived the industry downturn in 2002/3 but have strengthened our membership by opening it to all communications professionals wherever they sit in the value chain. CMA has become more collaborative bringing in new supplier Partners and Associates and introduced corporate membership to support the enterprise as well as the individual. As CMA enters its 50th year, joining forces with BCS will increase our ability to continue the journey and to increase and support our members in a new era.”

CMA Chairman Carolyn Kimber said: “Our industry is particularly fast moving and ever changing and it goes without saying that the needs and roles of our members change with it. At the turn of the century we had the foresight to go through the disruption of changing our name to reflect these changes , a move which has definitely served us well, but, in itself, has not fully insulated us from the massive technical and organisational revolution in the industry during the past ten years. The synergies between CMA and BCS are such that not only can CMA help move BCS from being very IT focussed to becoming a more broadly-based ICT professional body, but also the considerable resources of BCS can be deployed to help move CMA forward in its own area of communications.”

BCS Chief Executive David Clarke said: “Information, technology and communications disciplines are continuing to converge at an ever increasing rate. BCS is delighted to be working with CMA to develop an integrated approach which will enable us to collectively meet the needs of both organisations and individuals much more comprehensively in the future.”

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