CMA Publish UK Comms Market Survey

Results from the thirteenth annual survey by the Communications Management Association (CMA) of the UK communications and networks marketplace were announced yesterday based on a study undertaken at the end of 2005.

Key findings published in the report include:

– Corporate UK is set to increase its investment in communications through leading edge IP and mobile technologies.

– Cost saving and business efficiency is no longer the dominant influence on the business agenda. Exploiting the technology for business advantage is now a primary goal.

However, the CMA report also highlighted that;

– The overall experience of fixed line services has worsened over the over the last twelve months.

– Although broadband is now seen as a key business technology by major business, more than half still can’t get it everywhere they want it.

“It is not to UK plc’s advantage that the prospect of ‘broadband for all’ is still just as far away as ever, if not further, here in the UK, said Phil Sayer, chairman of CMA. “For a number of years CMA has been campaigning for access to broadband for all as we regard it to be of the utmost importance to UK businesses and public services. We are very concerned that more than half of our members still can’t get broadband where they need it”, said Phil Sayer, chairman of CMA.

“Again this year the customer experiences and value for money that businesses are being offered by almost all the major suppliers and providers of fixed services has declined. With the universal impact of IP and the role-out of next generation networks, it is critical that our members companies get the quality of service they need and that suppliers make significant efforts to better themselves in this area”.

“Today the business agenda has moved on considerably,” continued Sayer. “While last year saw a strong focus on ‘cost savings and efficiencies’, this year we see a confident business community, one which has dealt effectively with the constraints and challenges of cost saving, and which has now moved on and is looking forward to improving the customer experience and building revenues once again”.

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