CMA Release Top Line Survey Results

The Communications Managers Association (CMA) has released its’ ‘Top Line’ findings following the publication of their annual report which polls the opinions of their members.

1 in 3 members of the CMA work for organisations with £1billion+ turnover with 1 in 4 of members’ organisations spend over £10 million per annum on Communications & Networks. CMA Members spend £13 billion in the communications market annually.

The report highlights:

– On convergence: 55 per cent said that their company has implemented a converged IP network (up from 47% last year) and 77% said the voice and data teams were aligned within the business (up from 70% last year and 65% in 2005)

– On broadband: 58% of businesses said they want SDSL but can’t get it where they need it (down from 73% last year)

– On business strategies and plans: ‘maximising revenue’, ‘driving down cost’ and ‘improving business processes’ are right at the top of organisations’ strategic agendas

– On quality: the best performer for overall quality of ‘customer experience’ and best for ‘value for money’ was Verizon Business

– In the mobile market: the best for overall quality of ‘customer experience’ and best for ‘value for money’ was T-¬Mobile

– On VoIP: 68% said VoIP was a key element of their company’s collaboration strategy but 52% said their company’s migration to VoIP had been more complex than expected

– On networks: 91% said they would consider purchasing Ethernet based services as a viable alternative to leased lines for connectivity and access (up from 86% last year)

– On resilience and security: 47% were primarily focused in ensuring the continuity of critical business systems and processes

– On sustainability and the environment: 57% of companies were focused on minimising their impact on the environment and maximising their contribution to society, 59% were focused on reducing power consumption, and 50% said they would make the best use of technology to reduce travel and energy requirements

– On mobile: 74% this year said ‘connected handheld devices were a ‘key factor’ in their communications and networks strategies (up from 68% last year and 55% in 2005)

– On perceptions of the major brands: Vodafone was seen to be the strongest brand closely followed by Nokia

– On future spending: 91% said spending on IP services would either increase again or stay the same in the next 12 months.

– On next generation networks: 71% said their company was unsure the impact NGNs would have on their communications strategy

– On climate change: 72% said that their company regarded climate change as an urgent issue to be addressed

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