CNet Team to Become STEM Ambassadors

The team at CNet Training is helping to spread the word about the digital infrastructure industry and in particular the Data Centre sector by becoming STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Ambassadors.

STEM Ambassadors provide the link between employers and the workforce of tomorrow by visiting schools, colleges and universities and primarily reaching out to 7-16 year olds to introduce them to the industry and the potential careers within it.

It’s widely discussed that there is a shortage of skills in the Digital Infrastructure Industry as well as a lack of diversity and this needs to be addressed now to protect the future of the industry.

CNet is supporting the STEMNET organisation, which promotes and organises the delivery of STEM programs/presentations via STEM Ambassadors into schools, colleges and universities. Each member of CNet staff will spend three days per year inspiring young people by explaining what the Digital Infrastructure Industry is, what it does, how important it is to everyone, how it supports our daily lives and the exciting career opportunities that are available within it.

CEO and Founder of CNet Training, Andrew Stevens said: “I have been looking at the issues surrounding this topic for a long time. It’s clear that there is a general lack of awareness about the industry and it is a major issue. Many are concerned about it, but the fact is we need to stop just talking about it and act now to address this critical issue. I strongly believe that meaningful engagement with schools from year 9 is required now to protect the future of the industry, assuming that engagement at the graduate level will solve the problem is simply wrong, that route ignores the 63% of people that do not follow an academic path.

“We, at CNet, will leave a legacy, to inspire and inform young people about the industry and encourage them to choose to pursue a career within it.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine