Colt Likes Mondays

Chariot the company behind a new national lottery, has joined forces with Colt to bring its online game monday to life. Colt’s data centre infrastructure will handle around two million transactions per week adding up to a maximum of £10 million of weekly tickets sales or approximately £150 million of donations each year. Colt will provide Chariot with a complete, managed hosting infrastructure to support the lottery’s website and the transactional elements of the game.

Chariot claims monday is a fairer lottery that benefits players and charities alike. 70 different charities are involved, five of which are featured online each week, giving players the choice of how many games to play and to which charities they want to donate money. The game offers players 27 times better odds of winning a jackpot than The National Lottery and better prizes for matching fewer numbers. The first lottery draw will take place on the 8th May.

Sajjad Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer, Chariot (UK) plc, said: “We selected Colt from a competitive tender for a number of reasons. We feel we can trust Colt’s expertise to take over the design, build and ongoing management of our hosting infrastructure so that we can concentrate on running the game. Colt also has what it takes in terms of skills and experience to get the solution ready in the timescales allowed – only three months from the time of signing the contract to delivering a fully-functioning data centre infrastructure. Additionally, Colt has a complete range of data and managed services, which we believe have the potential to meet our future needs.”

Chris Grant, head of Data Centre Services, Colt UK said: “Chariot’s decision to appoint Colt to support its online lottery endorses our position as a first-class provider of data centre services. This has been a very exciting project for us in terms of timescales and we are extremely proud to be an integral part of this new lottery. Our expertise and dedication to get the job done will enable the website to be up and running 24/7 and will ultimately benefit all the 70 charities with which Chariot is working.”

Colt will provide Chariot with a range of security solutions such as firewalls, intruder detection and DDoS protection; network services such as switch/ load balancing management; and full server management including 24×7 monitoring and support services.

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