Comms Business raises the bar AGAIN with Interactive magazine

Comms Business Magazine has always set the standard for media in the Channel and as from April we will raise the bar once again with the all new Comms Business Interactive.

Comms Business Interactive is a high quality digital version of the Channel’s favourite magazine which will bridge the gap between our printed version and our website. It uses the latest and best in digital magazine technology offering our readers a far better product than is available currently from any other magazine serving the sector.

Comms Business Interactive will include all of the news, views and in depth feature articles that the print version carries but will also include additional content. This will not just be limited to on the page text and images but will also include audio and digital files.

Added value to our advertisers
This means that our advertisers will be able to include video and audio messaging within their advertising page bringing it to life and making the whole experience of reading the magazine far more “Interactive”.

In line with our philosophy of providing added value for our advertisers they can look forward to their ads carrying a direct link to their website or the ability for readers to send an email directly to them via Outlook. We will be able to offer real time statistics on the number of readers that have viewed their pages, clicked through to their own website, emailed them etc. This will help prove far more effectively the return on investment from marketing spend.

Enhanced features for our readers
The benefit to our readers is the ability to access more information as they read the magazine than ever before. Editorials will also carry weblinks enabling research into new products and technology featured within the magazine to be just a click away.

Through use of our integrated statistics package we are able to closely monitor reader habits which will allow us to discover which features are of the most interest to our readership and tailor our future editorial content around this.

Some of the unique features Comms Business Interactive will offer include a search tool which allows the reader to search an entire issue for a company, product or technology that is of interest to them. For example a reader looking for information on VoIP can simply enter VoIP in the tool bar and hit search and they will be presented with all of the pages that this term appears within. They can then of course go directly to those pages saving time visibly scanning the entire issue.

Our “Send to a Friend” function enables readers to send a specific story or specific pages to their chosen recipient with a personal message enabling them to share information that may be of interest. Initially the recipient will not have to register to receive their own copy as we extend the reach of this new media, however in future a registration will be required.

Miles Bossom, Publisher comments “The publishing industry is changing and I believe that it is our responsibility to provide our readership with high quality, relevant, and entertaining information across many different media. I do not see Comms Business Interactive replacing our printed version, rather complimenting it”.

Continuing Bossom says “Reader habits do not change overnight and many people including myself still like to hold and turn the pages of a magazine and to put it in the briefcase to read later. But that said, environmental issues are of concern to many and technology now allows for us to receive information in many formats wherever we are in the World”.

He concludes, “Once again Comms Business is pushing the boundaries and leading our market whilst offering more to our readers and advertisers alike”.

You will be able to view Comms Business Interactive at

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