Comms Supply Takes CounterPath’s Bria to UK

Comms Supply has teamed up with CounterPath to deliver a mobile VoIP smartphone client, Bria, on its hosted PBX solution, YourUCP. This technology allows users to receive and make calls from their main landline number via their smartphone, without having to put any call diverts in place. Comms Supply will utilise CounterPath’s Stretto Platform to manage and provision these mobile endpoints.

“By using Stretto, we are able to remotely provision the smartphone client for our partners’ customers. This will make life far easier for our partners as they will not have customers struggling with the technical set up of the smartphone client,” explains Karl Alderton (pictured), managing director of Comms Supply. “The CounterPath solution means that users can choose to take or make ‘landline’ calls when they’re away from their desk, without having to think about diverting calls or providing business contacts with their mobile number.

“Businesses across the UK are allowing their staff to work with increased flexibility, whether that’s working from home or flexible hours in the office. However customers still require someone to answer the phone straight away, without extended phone diversions or call backs,” continues Karl Alderton.

“By utilising YourUCP and CounterPath smartphone clients, users can work anywhere where they have an internet connection, whether that’s 3G or Wifi. CounterPath is, in my opinion, the market leader in this technology so we are delighted to make it available to our partners and their customers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine