Comms365 and Anvil Partner

Comms365 has announced it has partnered with Mobile Virtual Network Operator Anvil Mobile to jointly offer a bespoke mobile solution, creating intelligent networks through bonding multiple carriers SIMs. The partnership will provide customers with an alternative to fixed line broadband and instead offer 3G Data SIMs on three separate MNO networks, merging these all into one manageable, secure network.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director, Comms365, comments, “Anvil’s business model aligns seamlessly with ours and therefore we were very keen to partner with the company. Just like Comms365, its philosophy is dedicated to providing customers with an excellent service both customer and business side. It became apparent early on in the relationship that Anvil would establish itself as a high growth partner. Anvil proved us right and has secured a number of high profile customers in a relatively short space of time.”

Ian Philip, Managing Director, Anvil Mobile Limited, comments, “Comms365 offers a boutique solution into the industry. As a solutions provider ourselves, we constantly strive to work with organisations like Comms365 to help us better understand the market and derive the right products to suit our customer base.”

Through their partnership, Anvil and Comms365 have recently worked together on a large project for a well-known high street retailer.

Philip continues, “The retailer’s objectives were to enhance the customers’ experience and increase footfall using interactive digital signage in pop-up kiosks across the UK. In order for this to work, they needed a secure, independent data source which allows them to stand alone from the rest of the retail owners on the high street and in the shopping centres and ensure no unauthorised content was permitted into the system.”

He adds, “Together with Comms365 we proposed using 3G Data SIMs on three separate MNO networks and merged these all into one manageable secure network. Anyone who has ordered and installed fixed line broadband can imagine the amount of time and effort it takes in trying to manage over a thousand installs, which was the only alternative in this case. Conversely, a pre-configured 3G solution is a two minute job – just plug it in, connect a cable and switch it on.”

Mike van Bunnens comments, “With Anvil, we were able to deliver a large scale project in a short amount of time, which required a huge amount of communication between Anvil, ourselves and the third parties involved. The successful working relationship that we have with Anvil enabled the roll out of the project to happen seamlessly and effectively, resulting in satisfaction for the end customer and us in delivering what we said we could.”
Comms365 and Anvil will be working on a number of projects together throughout the UK, including a new government scheme which is offering vouchers to businesses allowing them to gain better broadband connectivity. Comms365 will work with Anvil to offer bonded services for 3G, DSL and fibre.

Philip concludes, “We were looking for a provider we could trust and one that could deliver reliably and consistently and that’s exactly what we’ve found in Comms365. We have a great relationship with them which is extremely important to us; having the confidence to go out and sell a service knowing that what we are offering is what Comms365 will deliver is a fundamental part of our successful partnership.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine