Comms365 Gets 4G Ready

Comms365 announces it is to utilise its network to deliver 4G data services to customers nationwide. The company will be releasing its Fixed Public IP service on 4G, using its EE interconnects, with Vodafone and 3 to follow later this year.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director, Comms365, comments, “The availability of 4G is widely profiled in the consumer mobile sphere but it can also help in the M2M (Machine to Machine) data world. The increase in speed assists with data download and the faster upload means streaming out is a much smoother experience.”

Mike continues, “This type of 4G data service is not available directly from the mobile operators and is a solution that allows two way access to devices, CCTV, remote servers and more, utilising the additional features of the Comms365 network in addition to the mobile operator.”

3G/HSPA+ is great as a backup solution to ADSL and Ethernet lines, but 4G offers customers an almost comparable service in terms of performance and speed to fixed lines.

Mike concludes, “The delivery of 4G in this way is a huge step forward in terms of performance back-up services and one we see as being a game changer. Furthermore, our 4G service is now also incorporated into our new Continuum bonded service, allowing multiple 4G connections to be combined for extra high bandwidth. With EE fast rolling out 4G nationwide, our service will overlay this and will be available wherever there is an EE 4G signal.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine