Commscope Launches On Demand Solution

Speed and agility can make or break a business, especially in managing the enormous amounts of critical data that traverse an enterprise network. CommScope claims to step up to that challenge with its new Data Center on Demand solution, which.

With the unprecedented pace of technological evolution and the continuous need to drive down costs, many organisations are looking to reduce their total cost of ownership and simplify operational management by deploying a pay-as-you-grow data center solution. With numerous available options, Data Centre on Demand offers customers a tailored approach to addressing the needs of today while providing the flexibility to adapt with the business needs of tomorrow.

“Enterprises are dealing with a continual data deluge and have to find ways to expand their capacity quickly and efficiently,” said Kevin St Cyr, senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions, CommScope. “Some are up against the wall when it comes to physical space or available power and Data Centre on Demand gives them a viable solution to expand quickly and easily with industry proven technology.”

Data Centre on Demand features a full range of available data centre options for organizations implementing an initial data centre or adding to an existing facility.

“This is more than just a traditional modular data centre offering,” said St Cyr. “It is not just a shipping container with servers. It is designed specifically with the same usability and ease of access to IT equipment as a traditional data center, but with lower up front and operating costs.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine