Commsoft Announce their Dealer of the Year

Commsoft have awarded Salisbury based 4com as its ‘Dealer of the Year’ for 2005.

“It is not a great surprise to see 4com win this award, they truly understand solutions provision as the way forward and they just keep on proving themselves right with this method, month after month”, says Anthony Church, Managing Director of Commsoft.

“4com Chairman, Daron Hutt, understands the current and future markets for the telecoms industry and the results speak for themselves. When I first met Daron at the Convergence Summit in 2003, we gelled immediately, with a mutual understanding of what he was trying to achieve and how Commsoft could assist with his vision. It did not take endless meetings or a dinosaur-like approach that sometimes seems inherent in our industry, to get things moving”, adds Church.

“‘The reality of the market now, is that the end user customer is aware of monitoring applications and they really see the benefits to their business: the days of the ‘Big Brother’ mentality are gone and have been replaced with positive interest in monitoring productivity and performance”, concludes Church

Lesley Gardner of Commsoft, who looks after the 4com account says, “With offices in Salisbury, Southampton and Sheffield, 4com are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK and it’s great to be involved with them and play a part in their growth. In 2003, 4com employed around 100 staff and on my last visit to present the award, they now boast an impressive 240 employees, with record breaking sales this year to date”.

Commsoft outline one of the key reasons that helped 4com to win this award: 4com have taken the innovative approach of bundling Commsoft’s Callmaster call management software with their LCR and PABX solutions. Commsoft say that this enables 4com to win large volume sales against competitors. 4com use Callmaster as an analysis tool to examine customer needs, the accurate Callmaster statistics enable 4com to see opportunities such as a customer’s need to increase lines or a voicemail requirement and then offer the right solution based upon the analysis.

4com are also utilising other products within the Commsoft range to increase sales volume. ‘4com recently come over to us for call recording and they are already winning sales from the 4 channel up to the 120 channel recording sector’, says Anthony Church of Commsoft.

Daron Hutt of 4com is pleased to win this award, upon its recent presentation he announced, “That’s fantastic, a great award and a huge surprise to us. We enjoy an excellent working partnership with Commsoft and we look forward to seeing the new product releases later this year, which sound very exciting”.

Commsoft are expected to announce new software products shortly, with rumours of the imminent release of a ground-breaking business software solution circulating throughout the channel.

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