CommSoft Hit by Evesham Floods

Evesham based Commsoft have been hit by the floods that have ravaged the Midlands area and caused chaos for hundreds of businesses in the Worcestershire town. The waters began to rise on Friday, with torrential downpours of rain that quickly caused flooding on a scale unseen in the area for over 50 years.

‘Our offices have been flooded, with water pouring from local fields. At one point, the business park owner had to use a digger to try to make a ditch for the water to collect in but he was powerless to prevent the overflow of water which deluged our offices and the others in the park. The office flood has damaged carpets, cabling and electrics as well as furniture. The roads to the office quickly became impassable with one of our shareholders forced to spend the night in there as he could not get his four by four vehicle out of our road,’ says Bonnie Church, Sales and Marketing Director.

‘The flood waters came right up to our house as well’ she adds, ‘as the local brook also burst its banks in spectacular style, leaving abandoned cars littering the road. The residents stood watching the waters inch closer to our houses on Friday night, whilst we all piled up the sandbags – it was very alarming and most people in our road had to move all of their possessions upstairs. Though the water outside the house has now subsided, we are still having difficulty in getting hold of essentials such as milk and bread as the local shops are not seeing any deliveries and many of them were flooded themselves.

Evesham town centre is still under water and there is only one way into and out of the town, which is hugely congested. We are one of the lucky households though: those up the road in Tewkesbury and Cheltenham are facing complete lack of water and no power to add to their misery. Upton-on Severn is cut off with thousands of residents trapped in the town whilst Tewkesbury has effectively become an island. Hundreds of Evesham residents spent the weekend in emergency centres with local people being evacuated by RAF Sea King helicopters from rooftops.’

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