CommSoft Release New Voice Recorder Solution.

According to Commsoft Sales & Marketing Director Bonnie Church, call recording has always been an ‘investment buy’ for many customers.

“Some customers have to have it to comply with legislation; others need it for dispute resolution, customer service or staff training purposes. Some carry out market research and need to record the interviews for their clients, some recruitment companies implement recording to capture telephone interviews – there are many uses but for some, the price tag for call recording has proved to be too high.

Here are CommSoft, we want every reseller to have the opportunity to win call recording business – every time. So we have released CommsOffice Voice: a new call recording with integrated CommsOffice reporting and a MS Outlook style interface which users find so easy and intuitive. The integration of reports and recordings means that users can run a telephony report and play back the recordings direct from the report.

We have included all of the usual features, including live call monitoring, remote access to recordings and reports from off site via web browser or PDA (with the correct security access), agent grading module and we even include a high spec PC/server which houses the recording cards and software plus all of the reporting features in the CommsOffice section. We include unlimited client licences for search and playback or reports: so customers can have as many copies of the client software as they like in their building at no extra cost.

The most exciting thing is the price: with solutions starting from £1728 (dealer buy price, excludes VAT) there really is no such thing as ‘call recording is too expensive’! We can do customer demonstrations, install and supply support for your customer and you make margin on all elements of the sale.

Add to this the fact that we are the only true channel-only supplier: we do not sell direct to your customers or try to compete with you and you have a winning formula. Come and see it for yourself on our stand at the Convergence Summit North or call us for further information.”

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