Commsoft Sign Panasonic Holland Deal

In a further move into Europe, the solutions provider Commsoft Europe has just announced the signing of a deal to supply the Panasonic dealers of Holland.

After productive meetings at CeBit and in Holland, Commsoft Europe have been chosen by Haagtechno, a leading Dutch distributor and importer of all products manufactured by Matsushita and Panasonic. Haagtechno have been importing PBXs since early 1989 and are one of the top three players in Holland.

“The reason for choosing CommSoft as our main supplier for Management Information & Call Centre software, including their superb Call Recorder, is because of their total solution with an impressive number of features, flexibility and great value for money. Looking ahead we believe that by supplying the recording and call reporting package, Panasonic will be the brand to beat in the Dutch market” says Frank Nijholt, Product/Sales Manager Telecommunications of Haagtechno.

Rob de Klijn, Group Manager of Panasonic Business Products adds, ‘”CommSoft is a solid company with a desire to become market leader in Call Centre Software and Management Information Software. Also because of this desire we are glad to have obtained the exclusive distribution of their products”.

Holland is the first in a series of European countries that are looking closely at Commsoft’s call recording and reporting products in response to recent European Parliament discussions on the requirement by companies to keep call records for one year and e-mail records for six months.
The moves come after years of debate about the cost of such measures and their impact on civil liberties, as well as disagreement about the length of time data should be stored. Officials say no record will be kept of the content of phone calls or e-mails, only the sender, recipient, time, place and length of any communication. The legislation would apply to unanswered as well as answered calls. Currently, data retention laws vary widely from country to country within the 25-member EU but there are moves afoot to standardise record keeping throughout Europe, in the fight against terrorism.

Commsoft have taken this proposed legislation on board and are actively promoting their call recording, management and reporting products throughout Europe.
Comms Business Magazine also understands that one of the major switch manufacturers in Europe is poised to sign a Europe-wide deal with Commsoft and an announcement is expected shortly.

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