Compare52 Takes the Hassle out of Mobile

UK-based and IT distributor Ingram Micro have launched a new partnership, allowing Ingram Micro’s resellers to access a mobile phone and airtime portal through which purchasers can acquire SIM free handsets and airtime packages.

Search technology business Compare52 offer Ingram Micro’s IT resellers the opportunity to plug an e-commerce solution into their existing sites.

Ingram Micro partners including, and will carry the plugin enabling them to earn commission on handsets, SIM only contracts, insurance contracts and accessories purchased by their site users.

Fulfillment is taken care of by Ingram Micro and products are sent directly to the ordering customer. This is a solution in which IT resellers are provided with a hassle free way of selling hardware and airtime without the headache of becoming a mobile reseller.

Ashley Bailey, CEO of explains, “Working with Ingram Micro has added another value added service to our business. For many years IT resellers have been looking for a service which is a ‘hassle free way of selling mobile airtime’ to compliment their current IT services.”

“Our airtime webstore enables the IT reseller to sell airtime, handsets, accessories and hardware as part of a white label solution where they get a commission from everything they sell off the webstore. The networks directly fulfil the SIMO contracts and Ingram Micro fulfil the hardware which is bought from the website.”

“The solution gives any reseller a fully automated way of selling airtime and hardware to their customers without any administration work. The webstore we provide is a plug and play service and will be matched with the reseller’s logo and primary company colours, so it looks part of their current site.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine