Computacentre highlights UK healthcare sector is in desperate need of modernisation

Computacenter has launched new research findings that highlight the UK healthcare sector is hindered by lack of modernisation.

A survey amongst IT decision-makers in the UK healthcare sector has highlighted that over a third (36 per cent) of respondents’ staff have asked for faster digital technology systems, to ensure their practices run efficiently. Similar demands are also being made by patients, with over a quarter (26 per cent) of respondents claiming the public have asked for faster digital technology systems. Through smarter technology innovations, staff will be better placed to offer improved services, with access to quick and accurate information, while also maximising budget and increasing productivity.

Modernising digital technology systems was and continues to be the top business priority for 2019. According to the survey deploying table devices and Microsoft Office 365 were ranked as the two biggest technology implementation targets. Whereas, only 24 per cent of respondents cited that deploying Windows 10 this year was a business priority.

Rob Stanley, Computacenter’s Director of End User Services commented: “Intuitive access to information and increased mobility in the NHS can make a massive difference to staff productivity. Empowering clinicians with devices and applications that enable them to securely access patient data anytime and anywhere helps them to proactively improve outcomes for patients.”

The findings highlighted that much of the demand for digital transformation stems from end users in the form of employees and patients. With access to remote digital technology devices such as tablets and collaborative file sharing tools, staff will have the ability to respond on the scene improving patient treatment time. Access to critical information is essential to day to day duties and streamlining this process will help to improve services whilst also cutting back on administrative time to free up valuable hours.

Improving the overall patient experience and enabling staff to succeed were cited as two of the biggest measures of success for NHS Trusts. However, the sector is facing on going pressure when it comes to budgets, and 36 per cent of those surveyed believed that this was holding back digital technology system upgrades. With modernisation recognised as a business goal, but conversely budget holding this back, the healthcare sector needs to revaluate how it deploys technology, so it can innovate employee and patient lives effectively.

Mark Chandiram, Client Director for Computacenter’s Health and Social Care UK business added: “A lack of resources and skills has hindered Trusts’ ability to modernise digital technology, which means they are now struggling to meet patients’ and caregivers’ expectations. Modernising digital technology is vital for enabling greater efficiency and improving the patient experience.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine