Coms Integrates Hosted Telephony With Salesforce

Coms plc has launched In Genius, a click to call App for users of Sales Force. The application enables salespeople to click on a contact card within in Sales Force and a call is established over Coms’s Internet telephony service, streamlining the sales workflow as well as saving money.

The In Genius application has been designed to closely integrate Sales Force with the Coms Internet Telephony service. Calls can be made from within sales force, helping to ensure accurate updating of information, such as next actions and how the call was wrapped up.

For Inbound calls, a new popup window is displayed with the caller’s information details, again making it easy for the sales person to update the record with the latest call information that in turn facilitates accurate data collection that is shared across the sales team.

Integrating Sales Force with the Coms Internet telephony network not only reduces call costs for the organisation but enables them to take advantage of our unified communications features including voicemail, call recording, call queuing and hunt groups.
Says Coms CEO, Richard Bennett: “Integrating the best cloud based CRM application with the Coms cloud based internet telephony service streamlines the sales process for organisations. This in turn leaves more time available for sales calls, and lower cost VoIP calls reduce operating costs for businesses.”

It also provides integrated web searches with Google Maps and Google Search to locate and dial new contacts with a simple click. InGenius CTI Connector also delivers search-and-dial capabilities, incoming caller ID screen pop-up with full Microsoft Outlook and Active Directing or LDAP Directory integration.

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