Comverse Lets Mobile Operators Offer Enterprise Telephony Services

Comverse has announced the launch of its Mobile Centrex solution, which will allow mobile operators to move into the enterprise market by offering advanced telephony services for “on-the-go” employees.

Compatible with all types of mobile phones and advanced enterprise phone systems – commonly known as PBXs – Comverse Mobile Centrex can be used by business customers to connect mobile and office workers in a completely transparent and seamless manner. The new solution, already in initial deployments with major operators around the world, is part of the Comverse Converged IP Centrex solution.

“As the number of enterprise mobile users grows, there is an increasing need for solutions that extend PBX-based telephony services to mobile phone users within the organisation,” said Pauline Trotter, principal analyst at Ovum. “Until now, many mobile network operators had been reluctant to implement such solutions due to the technical complexity and associated costs.”
The Mobile Centrex solution enables mobile operators to deploy attractive business services that help companies improve employee productivity, such as fixed-mobile features that use the existing corporate dialing plan, PBX-like call features on mobile phones (call transfer and three-way call control), personal conference bridge, and automated attendant.

For mobile operators, the appeal of the enterprise market is clear. The average revenue per user (ARPU) for a business customer of voice services is typically much higher than traditional consumer ARPU. Churn with such services also tends to remain low. Further services integration can be done by using Comverse’s optional direct broadband connection between the corporate PBX and the mobile operator network.

“The enterprise market represents an attractive target for mobile network operators,” said John Bunyan, Chief Marketing Officer at Comverse, the world’s leading supplier of software and systems enabling value-added messaging and content services, converged billing and active customer management, and IP communications.

“Comverse’s Mobile Centrex solution is gaining market acceptance because it has been specifically designed to avoid any complex network integration with existing mobile network infrastructure,” Bunyan said. “As a consequence, it minimises network impact and ensures rapid deployment and time-to-market.”

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