Comvurgent to Partner China’s Donjin

Doncaster based call recording company Comvurgent has announced its partnership with China based Shenzhen Donjin Communications Tech company.

Completed on December 13th 2007, the reciprocal partnership will see Donjin incorporate Comvurgent’s proprietary digital PBX protocol technology into its carrier-grade voice and media processing platform (named Keygoe in China) to address the large systems call recording market.

As part of the partnership, Comvurgent have secured exclusive distribution rights to the core Keygoe platform for Call Recording applications for the USA and the EU.

Philip Hill, Comvurgent’s founder and CEO said “We’re really excited about the mutual co-operation with Donjin. Comvurgent have established a solid market presence with smaller, USB based digital recorders. By incorporating our PBX integration technology into the incredibly powerful and resilient Donjin Keygoe platform, we can address call recording applications up to several thousand ports. We’re impressed with Donjin’s engineering capability and together we can deliver the most powerful call recording platform available anywhere!”

The integrated platform will address call recording applications for traditional TDM PBX systems, IP based systems/telephones and both analogue and digital network connections including ISDN BRI, PRI (E1 & T1) and SS7.

John He, CEO of Donjin, commented “We considered this cooperation as a strategic step for Donjin’s European and American plan. We believe that through our mutual cooperation and effort with Comvurgent we can achieve a win-win result. Donjin has had a big success in Asia and the Middle East and has yet to devote any serious efforts to the European and American markets. Donjin has a solid foundation and excellent products; our partner Comvurgent has superb mutual PBX integration technology so we are confident in taking a good market share in Europe and America. We expect Keygoe will be successful worldwide.”

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