Conmio brings MTV3’s online TV service Katsomo to mobile users

Conmio, a provider of mobile services, and MTV MEDIA, Finland’s TV broadcaster owned by Bonnier, announced that Conmio will bring MTV’s online TV service Katsomo to a new range of mobile devices.

Katsomo allows Finnish viewers to access programs over the Internet, with selected programming also available internationally. Viewer demand for television programs via smart phones and tablet devices is growing rapidly, and the new mobile version of the Katsomo service addresses this trend.

Conmio develops mobile services for publications and other content providers, and has implemented similar solutions for numerous media companies in Finland and internationally. Conmio’s major customers include The New York Times, NPR, Gannett and Bloomberg.

“Access to media content on mobile devices is increasingly prevalent, and in some user segments it is already the most popular way of using media. Content providers can’t afford to ignore this development,” said Tero Hämäläinen, CEO, Conmio. “For media companies and content providers, the key is being able to integrate mobile versions of the services with existing content management systems and publishing channels with minimum manual effort.”

The mobile version of Katsomo service will be launched first on the iPhone and iPad. The range of platforms will be extended later.

The Katsomo mobile service has been implemented as an HTML5-based web application. The user interface and features of the service operate like a traditional application, but the service is fully browser-based. This frees users from having to install software or manage application updates. On the other hand, MTV can reach its viewers directly by providing the solution without having to rely on device-specific application stores and the limitations imposed by them.

“With our mobile solution we can reach new target audiences that are forerunners in media usage habits. Several examples from abroad also indicate that when people use a tablet device instead of a PC, they watch TV more often and for longer periods”, said Sami Kanninen, Head of Web TV, MTV MEDIA.

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