Connect Express launches Business Continuity for SMEs

Connect Express has launched LimeBC, a refreshing twist on Business Continuity, which provides SMEs with a comprehensive but highly cost effective service that ensures they can keep working if there are problems with their systems.

“In the past putting in place a proper Business Continuity Plan has been difficult and expensive for SMEs,” says Jason Horan, Managing Director, Connect Express. “LimeBC provides them with a simple, easy-to-use and cost effective solution, as there is no need to purchase, run or manage any additional hardware, software or additional licences for existing applications. We take care of everything and it costs as little as £6 a day plus a £250 set-up charge.”

The managed service, utilising proven Novell PlateSpin and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, maintains a complete, synchronised image of customers’ operating systems, applications and data at Connect Express’ secure data centre. Should a customer experience a problem, the image can quickly be turned into a working system that can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet, allowing work to continue while a solution is found to the original problem.

Importantly, the service also includes one disaster recovery test a year and allows for a new in-house server to be re-built from the backup server once a disruption has been resolved.

“Even when SMEs take backups, there are many circumstances where it could still take days to recover working systems, such as critical hard disk or server failures,” says Jason Horan. “If a disaster happened, such as a fire or flood, it could take much longer.”With LimeBC we’ve created a service that gives SMEs the peace of mind of knowing that they can carry on working within hours, whatever disruption there is to their systems.”

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