Connectix Launches New Website for IT Consultants

Connectix, one of the UK’s leading cable system suppliers, has launched a new website aimed directly at consulting engineers active in the field of information technology infrastructure.

Responding to customer demand for more information on wider, but still cable related, technical issues, Connectix has brought together a series of white papers, technical articles, case studies and technical literature in one place. This new resource, which focuses on British and European requirements and legislation, went live in August and will appeal to professionals active in Information Technology and communications services, cable design engineers and mechanical and electrical engineers responsible for computer rooms, data centres and other related infrastructure projects.

Connectix has been among the top four suppliers into the British data cable market for many years and has established a reputation for cost-effective and high performance infrastructure products. White papers and articles available on the new website concentrate on cable and cable related technology vital to the overall success of any IT installation. The new website is also the best place to look for the latest news on forthcoming events such as the seminar series produced in association with the IET.

IT infrastructure professionals are invited to register for the free download material by visiting

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