Consenna launches channel-focused marketing offering

Consenna has unveiled a marketing services offering that aims to help resellers of all sizes to strengthen their online digital reputation. With sales increasingly happening digitally, the offering looks to bolster a reseller’s overall performance, drive greater sales and feed their pipeline of opportunities.

Atom is designed for resellers that might otherwise be disadvantaged in realising their full sales potential due to ineffective digital marketing strategies.

Jamie McCoy, digital director at Consenna, said, “There’s no denying that the vast majority of resellers are great salespeople. They know to invest the time in perfecting their pitch and building a rapport with the customer, but they’re neglecting to recognise how those customers now buy.

“We all do it, whether in our professional or personal lives. We identify the product we want to buy, then we do the customary quick online research. If there are two businesses selling the same product, one with a detailed online presence that provides reviews, feedback, knowledge, and insight, and the other without, it’s not rocket science to work out which we’ll buy from.

“Yet there are still too many resellers overlooking this vital aspect of their overall business strategy and given that today’s customers are actively checking these things out before making their purchasing decision, it’s remiss to not be focusing on them. Atom addresses that and it’s available to all resellers without any vendor-related tie-ins.” 

Consenna said Atom provides resellers with a range of packages that cover everything from weekly blog content and email marketing, through to both organic and paid-for social media activity, local SEO and review management, and the ability to have a website built and paid for on a monthly basis.

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