Consider Shared Services and Managed Solutions THUS Advise Public Sector

Bruce Copper, Sales Manager for Government and Utilities Sector at THUS says that despite the pressure from central government, the shared services utopia envisioned by the Transformational Government report is still a long way from becoming a reality.

“The main driver behind e-efficiency is the report by Sir Peter Gershon into efficiency in the public sector. Gershon proposed that local governments make £20bn in savings by 2007-08 through 2.5 per cent a year efficiency targets. These targets, the heart of the e-efficiency agenda, can only be reached if the technology put in place through the drive to e-government is up to the task.

Running alongside the recommendations of the Gershon Report is the Transformational Government plan. This plan aims to consider the best ways technology can be used to further the involvement of the UK’s citizens in government and how to better tailor services to meet their individual needs. Key to this is the aim to share more services across LAs. Shared services provide public service organisations with the opportunity to reduce waste and inefficiency by re-using assets and sharing investments with others.

Through releasing inefficiencies in the system, it is clear that a focus on shared services could play a vital role in helping LAs achieve the targets set down by the Gershon Report, as well as the aims of Transformational Government.”

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