Consult Hyperion joins GlobalPlatform membership

Consult Hyperion, an independent UK-based consultancy that specialises in the fields of secure transactions, contact and contactless multi-application smart card and mobile technology, is the latest company to become a GlobalPlatform member. Consult Hyperion has joined the international specification body for smart card infrastructure, in order to remain at the forefront of the mobile revolution.

Joining at Observer Level, Consult Hyperion will stay informed of technology developments within the organisation and discuss strategic and technical activities by participating in the advisory council; a forum designed to create an open dialogue between GlobalPlatform members and the board of directors, committee chairs, and technical and executive directors.

The company will also have the opportunity to engage in GlobalPlatform’s mobile task force, which was established to drive existing GlobalPlatform technology, and to create new extensions of the technology, to satisfy the developing needs of mobile contactless services.

Neil Livingston, a senior consultant at Consult Hyperion, commented: “Consult Hyperion has worked on cutting edge assignments with some of the industry’s leading players in emerging areas such as mobile NFC ticketing and payments. We see the potential that the convergence of the secure smart card with contactless and mobile technology has in creating opportunities for an expanding ecosystem, and the delivery of innovative new consumer-oriented services.

“By joining GlobalPlatform, we intend to contribute to the organization’s development of business requirements and enhance our ability to deliver world-class consulting services through an advance awareness of key technology developments.”

Kevin Gillick, executive director at GlobalPlatform, added: “With domain expertise in electronic payments, authentication, smart cards and network security, as well as over 23 years’ experience working with a range of sectors including banks, governments and telecommunications operators, we welcome Consult Hyperion’s business and systems analysis skills and experience to our membership.”

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