Content Guru Set To Launch Hybrid CRM Solution

Content Guru has announced that it will launch a new hybrid of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and case management solutions, its storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS), at the 18th annual CCW Conference & Expo.

The product is designed to address the gap in the marketplace for customers who want lightweight CRM at a cost-effective price, seamlessly connected to their multi-channel communications estate. CKS can also act as an overlay solution, connecting to multiple third-party CRM and case management systems, enabling unification of the desktop.

CKS within the DTA interface; an agent interacts with a customer via SMS, while automatically being provided with all relevant information CKS sits within the storm DTA (Desktop Task Assistant) environment, which enables users to receive inquiries from any channel, such as web chat, SMS, email, social media and voice through a single portal. The combination of CKS and the DTA means that core customer information and the ability to use that information when communicating with the customer are seamlessly integrated.

CKS also enables customers to automatically access information such as FAQs, updates on ticket status, or case resolutions through multi-channel self-service applications, while ensuring consistency across every stream of interaction.

Richard Manthorpe, Product Director at Content Guru, commented “Information is at the heart of the Customer Engagement Hub. Through CKS we’re able to converge all the traditional siloes of customer knowledge and make it quick to access and digest for users. Combined with the omni-channel storm CONTACT, this means that customers can interact with organisations however they choose, whatever the time and wherever the place, and receive an extremely personalised, efficient and consistent service level across every touchpoint, automated or live.
“We’ll be demonstrating CKS and CONTACT on stand #1127 at CCW and look forward to another exciting US show.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine