Contract Completed

Pinnacle Telecom Group has announced that it has successfully completed a contract to provide a national, temporary voice and data network for the BBC. The network was for the BBC Election Night TV coverage on the 6th and 7th of May, and comprised of 550 voice and data circuits, which extended to 198 locations across the UK.

On the night, Pinnacle’s circuits delivered the broadcasted voice for the Election Night TV coverage; whilst the outside broadcast TV pictures were delivered via satellite. Pinnacle’s circuits were also used to report the first declaration, which came from the Houghton and Sunderland South result, this was also the peak of the BBC’s overnight viewing figures, which showed that between 9.55pm and 2am, a peak audience of 6.6 million tuned in to watch the BBC Election Night coverage on various BBC channels.

Commenting on the contract, Alan Bonner, CEO of Pinnacle said: “We continue to make good progress and I am delighted that Pinnacle was so effective in creating and delivering a temporary, national voice and data network for the BBC. One of Pinnacle’s key services is to enable rapid deployment of IP telephony and data, to remote and temporary locations, which also reduces costs and improves productivity. The BBC Election TV Coverage was a great success, swiftly followed by connectivity for the BBC Radio1 Chris Moyles Show and the BBC Radio1 Big Weekend, which were both broadcast from Bangor in Wales.

We are presently supplying circuits at the Chelsea Flower show to deliver wireless networks, CCTV and other services around the event. As Pinnacle continues to evolve its business from traditional telephony, into the next generation of IP telephony and associated services, we expect to win further contracts of this nature.

We currently have further contracts to supply Donington Download, Glastonbury, T in the Park, Milton Keynes National Bowl, Millennium Stadium and T4-on-the-Beach.”

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