Convergence Group Launches Inter-Connect Service

Convergence Group, the network solution company, has launched a new network infrastructure which provides comprehensive coverage to customers coupled with cost efficiencies.

The Inter-connect service offers customers access to a wide range of national and international supply chains comprising ‘Tier 1’ carriers. These carriers offer a full product portfolio, including MPLS, Ethernet, VPLS, Network Hosting and feature rich application content management.

Using a range of private and public, national and international network providers, Convergence Group can build bespoke networks to meet customers’ specific needs and, through its close partnerships with companies such as Virgin, BT and Cisco, it is able to offer hybrid networks where a single supplier may not have the reach or capability.

The primary advantage to customers is total network freedom coupled with a seamless IT service; however customers are also likely to benefit from considerable cost savings and contract flexibility.

Neal Harrison, commercial director of Convergence Group explains: “We recognise that our customers need flexibility and we are constantly analysing and developing technology strategies which support our customers’ needs.

“Our unique partnership approach to customer relations means that we are well placed to anticipate the needs of our clients and able to develop services which meet those needs proficiently and successfully,” continues Harrison. “We believe that our new Inter-connect service will offer unparalleled freedom and flexibility to our clients and it has the power to change the way they do business for good. It will deliver all the IT tools they need to compete effectively and efficiently in today’s tough climate, allowing them to focus on their core business operations with total peace of mind.”

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