Convergence in Many Forms say Cavendish

Newly appointed Director of Sales at reseller Cavendish Communications Group Tony Suffoletto told Comms Business Magazine that he believes the UK market is just starting to embrace convergence.

“Convergence can come in many forms, this can be as simple as connecting your telephone to your computer’s phone directory or as complex as twinning your mobile phone to your telephone system.

Most companies are finding that certain Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) functions such as Screen Dialling and database popping are saving their employees time thus making them more productive. The point of these advancements is strictly to make you more productive. Anyone who has been waiting for a client to call only to find that they called just after you left the office would appreciate mobile twinning. This technology links your desk phone with your mobile for seamless transfer of calls. Other advancements bring telephone functionality from the handset to the computer screen. The days of manually looking up extension numbers are over as it is all point and click. We not only sell convergence, we use it on a daily basis for our business.

It is difficult for some telephone equipment companies to make the jump to offering convergence. This technology will allow companies, like Cavendish Communications Group, who embrace new technologies to excel over those who are still selling phones and lines.”

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