Convergent Expands Product Portfolio

Comvurgent, the supplier and developer of the Xtension Recorder, XTR Desktop and XTR BackOffice Recording Solutions ( has announced the release of 3 new products.

“Our core products recently passed the 12,000 seats installed world-wide milestone”, remarks Steve Trok, VP of US Sales and Operations for Comvurgent. “What has been exciting in this short period of time is the demand from much larger businesses”, Steve continued,”They’re now looking for the practicality, ease of installation and maintenance and overall value that our products deliver.”

Phil Hill, CEO of Comvurgent added, “At the same time, it has pushed the product portfolio towards their higher capacity needs. We took their insightful and valueable feedback and put it right into the design and development. Not only did we more than double the capacity at a single server, we also provided tools to effectively interact, mine, analyze and report easily and cost-effectively.”

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