‘Conversation search engine’ allows people to find and replay spoken words from every phone call

“Searchable conversations” will change the way people think about the spoken word.

Calltrunk, the anyphone-anywhere, call-recording company today announced the launch ofARGOsearch – a development that transforms the way people will view conversations.

ARGOsearch allows people to search for spoken words, phone numbers, dates, and writtenwords in the recording, notes and transcriptions associated with a conversation. It’s similar to the way people search their store of old emails.

ARGOsearch does this using a single search field and it’s going to be available to everyone.

At the heart of the technology is London-based, Calltrunk, a cloud-based call recording company that allows people all over the world to record their phone calls on any device, store them in an online “trunk” and access them via a smartphone app or the web.

Speakingabout the launch, Calltrunk co-founder and CEO Paul Murphy comments, “Until now anything even close to this has been the expensive domain of very big companies and it has involved lots of hardware, data centres, complexity and training.

“ARGOsearch changes that completely. This improves and democratizes the technology. Enabling everyone to capture, store and search their recorded calls means we can allhold on to knowledge and important moments that previously slipped through our fingers. And this changes the way we think about our conversations; it’s like having an infallible memory for everything we ever heard or said!”

ARGOsearch is immediately launching in beta in Calltrunk’s three home markets: US,UK and Australia. During the beta period it will be included in the basic Calltrunk service at no cost. The Calltrunk service is free to try.

That means that any calls recorded with Calltrunk – such as a Skype conference call, a mobile or landline phone call, or an interview recorded using a smartphone like a Dictaphone can be ARGOsearched.

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