Coraid and OvationData join forces

Coraid Inc and London-based OvationData today announced that they are joining forces to bring high-performance, Ethernet-based data storage solutions to media and entertainment (M&E), broadcast and oil & gas end user organisations across the UK.

The new partnership will open up opportunities for Coraid in fast-growing sectors where the need for fast, scalable and user-friendly storage continues to rise unabated. OvationData will resell all of Coraid’s products and provide customers with pre and post-sale support.

OvationData is a provider of systems and solutions to many industries requiring high performance, resilience and scalability. With offices in the UK and the USA OvationData has assisted companies in achieving wide ranging goals such as completing visual effects on high-profile movies, all the way to mapping the human genome and to bringing in seismic exploration projects on time.

Coraid senior director for EMEA Peter Godden said: “This partnership will allow organisations to purchase our solutions confident that they are dealing with a real expert who knows the challenges users face in these industries such as small IT departments and very large amounts of data. OvationData’s technology and market understanding as well as the team’s after-sales support capabilities will give our customers significant added value and peace of mind when they choose Coraid for their data storage needs.”

OvationData’s business development manager Andy McConnell said: “We’ll be introducing Coraid’s Ethernet-based storage products to new markets, which is very exciting. Coraid’s solutions are suited to organisations of any size but are particularly welcomed by broadcasting and M&E organisations because of how they blend speed, scalability and cost. I am confident that Coraid will receive a very positive reception among these users.”

Businesses in markets such as broadcasting, M&E and oil & gas tend to have large creative or scientific teams but relatively small IT departments which, due to the nature of these industries, have to ensure that terabytes or even petabytes of data are securely stored and quickly retrievable. Since the advent of 2K workflow and 3D movies, the rate at which data has been growing within these organisations has only accelerated, making the need for reliable, user friendly and cost effective storage solutions such as Coraid’s, even more critical.

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