Core networks and mobile tech bring intelligence to cops

New developments in networking and in WiFi and WiMax technologies will provide police forces with real time intelligence, rather than just information, from CCTV footage.

The footage from fixed site cameras, in-car and body-worn cameras will be transmitted by secure wireless networks back to the control room and then automatically monitored by intelligent surveillance software, highlighting growing risks and incidents against a policy set by the police control centre.

Officers in the control room will be immediately alerted to unusual or suspicious behaviours, such as crowds gathering in town centres, unattended packages, or suspicious behaviour in car parks or by cash dispensing machines, enabling officers on the ground to respond quickly.

This active awareness capability, developed by NEC, can also be integrated with facial recognition systems, which can be used at football stadiums and airports, for example, to alert police to known offenders.

Richard Brandon, head of strategy at MLL Telecom, commented: “The new high speed core networks, delivering as much as 100Mbit/s of capacity between their premises, and even higher speeds around their network backbones, now being adopted by many police forces, such as Nottinghamshire Police, have created a new generation of police networks. Integration with WiFi and WiMax technology allows this high speed connectivity to be extended to the officer on the street; delivering high quality video to the officer and returning real time video back to the control centre.”

While Derek Owen, general manager of NEC, added: “Opportunities to detect or prevent crimes, provided by CCTV, are challenged by the sheer volume of information available and the stresses put on staff and networks needed to operate them. Some studies have shown that after 20 minutes the ability of even well-motivated staff to concentrate on a monitor screen can drop considerably. Investment in high speed core networks by police forces and in WiFi and WiMax means that our SmartCatch technology can now be used by police forces up and down the UK in the fight against crime.”

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