Core welcomes Ofcom’s proposals

Core Telecom welcomes Ofcom’s proposed changes to the confusing and unclear call charging systems that are currently in place for some non-geographic number ranges.

Core believes that the plans to overhaul the call charging structure so that it’s clear and easy to understand are long overdue.

Mahmood Mazhar, CEO of Core Telecom, is excited about the changes: ‘These plans are fantastic news for customers, businesses, charities and telecoms companies alike.

‘It has been clear that there has been dissatisfaction amongst customers about the unclear call costs to some number ranges, including 0800 and 0844, so the regulation of these charges will help to encourage more customers to be confident about calling the companies who use these numbers. This in turn will reflect excellently on the businesses using these numbers as it should mean an increase in consumer confidence and business sales.

‘The plans to make 0800 numbers free to call from all phones is something we have been calling for for a long time because of the benefits this holds for all parties involved.

‘An increase in transparency for business and customers is something that will improve the integrity of the telecoms industry and will be welcomed at every level. Once these changes have been implemented, businesses throughout the UK stand to see a big change in their businesses profitability’.

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