Corporate ICT Tops Samsung Engineering Count

Reseller Corporate ICT has announced that five of its engineers have recently received the highest professional engineering certification within Samsung’s accreditation scheme.

There are four accreditation levels in total, ranging from Samsung Certified Voice Associate (SCVA) through to Samsung Certified Network Engineer (SCNE) and all five have all achieved SCNE status. In order to qualify for this accreditation, each engineer must attend numerous product and theory-based engineering courses and then pass a series of gruelling examinations.

During these courses, particular focus is placed upon an organisation’s overall IT infrastructure and on the networking and convergence of the Samsung telephony product within this environment. Gary Bishop, who is Corporate ICT’s Technical Manager, commented, “We are the only Samsung Platinum dealer in the UK to have this many engineers at SCNE level, which demonstrates our high level of commitment to the product range. It also shows the level of investment which Corporate ICT is willing to make in order to equip its engineers with the highest level of competence and knowledge.

This ensures that all Samsung solutions we sell are deployed by the best qualified engineering team in the UK, and clearly shows that we have a real commitment to excellence. Whatever the solution, from a basic voice application through to CTI or VoIP applications, our customers can be assured that that these will be deployed with the utmost efficiency and expertise. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in partnership with Samsung.”

The SCNE qualification is effective for two years, after which time the engineers have to attend refresher courses and re-sit further exams, to ensure that their skill levels are maintained and that customers are best served at all times.

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