Cost is a Key SMB Driver say Toshiba

Tim Webb, general manager, at Toshiba BCD says cost is a key driver for customers in the 25 – 50 user market.

“SMEs are always looking to reduce costs wherever they can. However, many may see VoIP as a risky investment due to the potential problems associated with security and reliability. For example, security threats and network downtime are both realities with VoIP. If these were to affect a SME it would cause serious problems to the running of the business, as they depend on telephone communication for the majority of their day-to-day activities. Therefore reliability is of key importance in a telephony system, and they need to work with a partner to ensure their network can provide the necessary quality of service, and security precautions.

Flexibility is also a key requirement. Resellers need to offer customers a communications platform which can be configured either as a TDM PBX, IP or hybrid. Then as the company grows, and communications needs change, they can adapt the platform to without having to rip out and replace their system. By only having to invest in one platform at the outset, they can maximise their original investment.”

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