Coventry Firm Launch Hosted Telephony

Netplan Internet Solutions, in Siskin Parkway East, Middlemarch Business Park, has created Netplan Telecom – a business telephone system that uses existing ADSL to send and receive telephone calls as an alternative to traditional systems.

The technology – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony – is the fastest growing type of business telephone system worldwide and works directly through a businesses’ broadband connection.

A typical broadband connection allows up to six calls to be made simultaneously and, depending on their existing tariff, experts at Netplan said businesses could save up to 50 per cent on their phone bills by using the system.

The system is hosted by Netplan and also eliminates the need for businesses to install thousands of pounds worth of hardware. Netplan Telecom simply allows resellers to configure the phones for its clients who can effectively ‘plug and play’.

Flexible pricing structures, a full enterprise grade feature set and a fully white labelled option have given Netplan a strong start so far in 2010 in capturing resellers.

Netplan’s system also incorporates a call recording tool which is particularly important for business in the financial services, insurance and legal sectors.

Matthew Brenan, business development manager at Netplan, said: “Broadband has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and now has around 20 million users. For us it has opened up a raft of possibilities in telephony with our VOIP system. Netplan Telecom is a great system and we’ve already attracted a core of resellers who are saying there’s nothing else like this on the market. It really can reduce overheads for businesses which is important at this time.

“Low start up costs, full white labelling, industry beating feature sets, software based upgrades and remote management make Netplan Telecom a very competitive product.”

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