Crane Building Blocks

Dave Garwood, Product Marketing Manager, Crane Nortel, says the new Nortel range of data products introduced last quarter represents a great opportunity for their resellers.

“The new Nortel range is aimed squarely at the SMB end of the market and includes Ethernet switches, a secure router and some new wireless access points. These products are a great fit for our Nortel BCM resellers as they are already selling the Nortel brand to SMBs.”

Crane is using the Nortel ‘Building Blocks’ campaign to bundle the BCM PBX with these new data products to make a compelling cost effective and feature rich integrated voice and data solution that includes security and data switching for their resellers.

“With Crane’s help we are encouraging voice resellers to build wider ranging solutions for their customers and the more products they include the better their discount on the bundle.

The nice thing about the Nortel product range for resellers is the way in which it is all managed. The same interface that is used for the BCM is also used by the data products, including the wireless access points, which means one simple easy to use management tool for the entire voice and data network. I don’t believe there is any other manufacturer offering this kind of management feature.”

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